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Matthew 22:37-39:
 Yeshua said to him, "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'
38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

   End Days Worship Ministries was birthed out of a word that God gave Lynn in 1999 saying that "you and her husband will teach My children to worship Me." The Lord revealed to them that without the revelation of God's intense love and desire for His children (even in their weakness and brokenness) and without the intense love and desire of His children for Him, they would not be able to succeed in performing the second commandment, which is setting the world on fire with the Gospel. It is through intimate, adoring worship that His children are brought into that place where they can come into direct contact with God's deep and passionate love for them. Also, by their acts of adoration and worship, they redirect God's love back to Him and He is glorified.
     Kevin and Lynn have been involved in the worship ministries for over 20 years. In early 2003 it became evident that God was doing something in their lives but they, at that time, could not discern what it was. Their plans were to move to Macon and become part of the covenant community of Congregation Beth Yeshua. But God would not release them from where they live in Grayson, GA. Every time they would pray about it, God seemed to be saying "it is not time yet, there are other things I have to do in you first." Then Lynn was asked to teach Davidic dance to an all Spanish speaking church in Acworth, GA. and Kevin was asked to lead worship on Friday nights at a new Messianic congregation in Grayson, 4 miles from their home!

   Piece by piece, God revealed that He would use them to sing to Him and dance to Him in many places, not just one. Through the testimony of Godly people He put in their lives, He revealed that they had been given a gift to usher people into His presence where He could minister His desire for His Bride. He revealed that many congregations have never experienced the "entering in" that is so vital to true intimacy with God.

    A couple they know approached them and told them that God had instructed them to donate weekly to their ministry so they could bless others as they had been blessed. So, they took the plunge, established the ministry and resigned themselves to the fact that God would only give them directions one step at a time. This is just the beginning of End Days Worship Ministries, but Kevin & Lynn are sure they have received a call from God and it is a call they will not ignore. They are committed to go wherever He calls them and to reach as many as will hear until the Great Wedding feast of the Lamb and His Bride.

Mission and Goals

The mission of End Days Worship Ministries is to express the passion of the Bride for her Bridegroom through worship in music and dance. To lead others into the secret place of intimacy with their Heavenly Father through adoring worship and praise.

Our Address

End Days Worship Ministries
2555 Haynes Club Circle
Grayson, GA. 30017-2814


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