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Soaking Prayer


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Welcome to the Soaking Prayer page at End Days Worship Ministries.  We have compiled this information to give you an overview of the concept and benefits of soaking prayer. Basically, soaking prayer is the setting aside of oneself to focus and meditate on God for renewal of strength and peace.

  In the beginning God created man and woman. His greatest joy was the close fellowship He had with them as they walked and talked together in the garden, enjoying the cool of the day. But it didnít last.

Satan brought sin into the world and broke that precious, intimate relationship. So man began his search for something to fill the emptiness in his heart.

Yeshua came to restore our relationship with His father.

Now the Holy Spirit comes to soften our hearts and kindle our love for our heavenly Father.  He also nurtures a new love relationship between Messiah and His Bride, preparing us for the marriage supper of the Lamb.
(Rev 19:9)

During previous revivals people referred to it as "waiting on the Lord" or "tarrying" as they lingered expecting Godís revival blessings. Although "soaking" includes waiting on the Lord, in this present move of the Spirit it means much more than that. To "soak" in Godís presence is to rest in His love rather than to "strive" in prayer. As the person receiving a touch from God begins to connect with the reality of the Holy Spiritís presence, he often responds by falling or simply lying on the floor. As he rests expectantly in Godís presence, often the Holy Spirit hovers over the person to reveal more of Godís love and to renew and repair areas of a personís life. As the believer soaks in Godís presence, the Lord takes control and begins to draw his attention to Godís word either in the scriptures or through internal audible impressions or pictures he sees in his mindís eye.

This is what soaking prayer all about:
We are being cleansed, prepared and anointed (see Esther 2:12).
We simply come to be with our Father Ė no shopping lists, no agendas, just be still in His arms of Love.


Key word dictionary definitions


to become thoroughly wet or saturated by immersion, to drink excessively, to take in, to soak up.


to be untroubled, free from activities, distractions, still, calm.


to concentrate on hearing something take heed, pay attention.

Lie down

to place oneself or be in a prostrate position in order to rest.
to accept without protest or opposition.


to relax from exertion or labor, repose, sleep, a pause or interval.


to stay in one place or remain inactive  in expectation of something.

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