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Is Soaking Biblical? Soaking Prayer Q&A Soaking Prayer Home

Can I trust it is the Holy Spirit working?

These sessions are covered in prayer to create a safe place. Give the Holy Spirit permission to work in your heart – don’t try to analyze things.  The Lord has no favorites. He will always give the Holy Spirit to those who ask (Luke 11:11-13).  Other Spirits can’t come near us when the Holy Spirit is around – expect His divine protection.

How long do I stay down for?
It takes most people at least 10 minutes before they stop thinking about the day's events or future plans and come to a place of rest.  So it’s unlikely that you would get much out of soaking if you did it for less than fifteen minutes.  We have found that the Holy Spirit comes in waves.  As you wait another wave will come to take you deeper into the presence of the Lord.  So, the longer you soak the better.

Once I get up can I come back for more?
Yes, it is often good to get up, have a break and pray over things that the Lord has shown you (either on your own or with another), write things down so you won’t forget, then return and soak some more. 

How will I know when God has finished?
The more you soak the easier it will become to recognize when to stop.  Often you will sense a lifting of the anointing and a reviving or energy. Remember, you will never get beyond the need for more of the Holy Spirit.

Do I have to lie down?
No, you can soak sitting in a chair if you find it more comfortable. Being still and at rest is the key. It aligns our bodies with our heart’ attitude of submissiveness and attentiveness to God.  Lying down helps to minimize the distractions caused buy activity in the room.

How will I know if soaking is doing me any good?
Many people feel immediate benefits such as a renewed love for the Lord, a lifting of weights or fresh energy. Often evidence of long term changes are discovered later when back in daily life.

What if I fall asleep?
That’s perfectly valid.  Deep, Holy Spirit sleep is very good for us, especially in difficult and stressful times (Gen 2:21, 15:12, Dan 10:8-10, Luke 9:32)

Can I ‘soak ‘ at home?
There is a special anointing that comes when Believers are together in an atmosphere of worship; however, it is possible to ‘soak’ at home provided that you are undisturbed. It is important to play intimate worship music that draws you closer to the Lord and bring you into ‘stillness’.


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