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  Just a word of appreciation for the incredible job that you do on the website. Awesome. Several of my friends who I have invited to search out Messianic Judaism, have also expressed their enjoyment of the website.
  Now, I would also like to tell you how much of a vital and important part you are in the worship services with the great music that gives glory to our wonderful Yeshua. Thank you for praising our God and then getting out of the way! You are a rich blessing to all of us! I do pray that the people love on you and let you know their heart. You honor God and use your talents to touch others. Your wife, as well, in leading of the worship dance team. Everything is a part that comes together so beautifully as the body of Christ. I love to watch the body praise their Creator! \o/ I could go on and on but I never get to you after the service. I love you.
Consider yourself hugged, bald eagle! You help us to soar on eagle's wings with the Lord!
Your Gentile brother,
DD - Macon

Dear brother Kevin,

YOU are the real treasure to our fellowship and I do not know what we would ever do without you.  You open the door for some lavish and extravagant worship for Yeshua and Shabbat was just incredible (again!).
Thank you for being a blessing and passing the blessing on to others so readily!

DD - Macon

Dear Kevin and Lynn,
thank you for remembering my special day! I am the one who is blessed to have you in my life.. you bless more people than you know! you are both anointed to lead in such a time as this and I thank G-D that HE allows me to be a part of what you do each week.. keep pressing on!
I love you all!
GF - Macon

I I just wanted to let you know that at the service Saturday, I was really hurting and didn't feel like I could even worship but the songs you chose were just what I needed to encourage me to worship and change my outlook on the situation that was bothering me.
Thanks so much for all that you do and your obedience to God.
God bless you!
Debbie - Macon

We will not one day be the bride of Christ. When Yeshua left this earth to sit at the right hand of the Father He said For Us to Take Dominion. We ARE HIS BRIDE.
When we truly worship we go into the Holy of Holies and we enter His 'bed chamber.' That private Holy place. There He Sews HIS Seed into US and we conceive. Through this conception that takes place we become pregnant with Holy Ghost and then we can reproduce Yeshua... ('And is to come'..........).
Kevin THANK YOU for bringing us closer and closer to that place of intimacy. I believe for many this may be the first time they have actually felt the true romancing of Yeshua. (Not just Goose Bumps at hearing a nice song we like because we are familiar with it.)
I believe portals were opened into the heavenly over Macon that Angels have been able to descend through during the worship time. If ever I have had a complaint it is that we have not been able to let Holy Ghost have complete control and take us away to complete climax with HIM.

PW - Macon


I wanted to write a quick email to let you know again how much your visits to Plant City Baptist Church mean to us.  I haven't miss a single time when you and your wife have ministered.  With each experience I have been changed.  The things that God has allowed me to see and experience through this anointed praise and worship have been incredible.  I feel more in love with God and with people than ever before.  It's funny that you can say to yourself for so many years that you love God above all things, but miss out on that closeness.  After this past year with the combination of your ministry and Brother Ben's, I can truly say that I love God above all things, that I have touched Him and He has touched me.  I'm changed!  I have been in church most of my life, and was saved very young, but when I learned to truly worship and see past man-made doctrine Heaven opened up to me.  Thank you for taking the time to come to such a small place.  I thank God for loving Plant City so much that He has sent us the best to minister to us in all areas.  God Bless!
Lanette, AL.

I have attended Beth Yeshua 3 times and the Worship is awesome, the music really ushers me into HIS presence and I believes causes HIM to be aware of our presence even more than HE already is. I would love to have a CD of your worship for use in my daily worship and meditation at home. This past Saturday I sat so that I would be able to see the worship of the dancers, this form of worship is so anointed. I praise God for you all and the ministry that you have been anointed for. Please send information about any CD you may have recorded as I would like to purchase this from you.

Macon, GA


I just wanted to let you know what a blessing I received this past Sunday night at Plant City Baptist Church.  My mom and I were the first to arrive and you said that there was an extra blessing in it for us because we were the first ones there.  You were right.  Although Plant City is not my home church, I visit with my mom and sister each time you come.  I've always received a blessing from you and your wife, but Sunday night was extra special for me.   I'm looking forward to next time.
Wanda H.
Valley, AL

   I recently attended a worship service at Plant City Baptist Church with my friend, Dana. She had told me about your ministry with such enthusiasm that I just had to come. I am so very glad that I did. I can not express in words how touched I was. God is working so big in the hearts of the people there and I know that God has allowed you to be a big part of that. The ministry of song and dance was beautiful. I could feel the heart of God speaking to me through your ministry. Again, I am so very glad that I had the opportunity to be there. Thank you for your obedience and thank you for giving your all for Jesus. God Bless You.


Brother Kevin,
        Greetings to you, my brother, in the name of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST,  Y'SHUA the righteous. I must thank you from the very depths of my soul for being so kind to me and my family as we have visited Beth Ha' Mashiach. The evidence of the Hand of the LORD upon you is beautiful. I only regret that my wife and I were not able to meet your wife. Thank you also for the encouraging words on Friday evening.  I could feel the presence of our LORD JESUS upon me as you spoke. The love of CHRIST, Y'SHUA pours out of you. My children love your singing as do my wife and I. I thank the LORD JESUS for allowing us to meet you. It has been such a blessing to come worship with you. I look forward to Friday to hear your sincere praises rise as a most wonderful praise offering to the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, JESUS CHRIST, Y'SHUA HA MASHIACH. Thank you again for being a true follower of the LORD. May the grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you and your house in the mighty name of JESUS I pray Amen.

Rev. Jason L. Moore, Sr.

Dear Kevin:
I am a member of Plant City Baptist Church, and I have had the honor and privilege to see you there three times now. Every time you come God changes us a little bit more, but this past Sunday was even more special. I can't explain everything that happened after, not just to me, but to several of us there. It would take far too much time. I am so grateful to God for sending us Brother Ben. He has been an answer to years of prayer. I am also thankful for Bro. Ben's friends who care enough about us and God's work to pray for our church and to come and minister to us. You have helped us learn how to worship and praise God and usher in the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being an obedient servant, and thank you for your beautiful ministry. We are praying for you and your family. I can't wait until your next visit!

DD - Valley, AL.

Dear Kevin,

  Thank you for being so obedient to God's Precious Holy Spirit in your ministry on Sunday Evening. Many hearts have been touched and lives have been changed. We saw it happen with our own eyes as the tears flowed in this denominational church setting in Plant City, Alabama. Even now, reports are coming in of joy and change!

We know the throne room door is unlocked and has been for nearly 2000 years, but sometimes God sends someone to swing it open! This allows those who otherwise don't know how to really enter in! What a GLORIOUS thing He has done!

....I know that what He is doing is supernatural in your ministry before Him! In fact, even the surrounding circumstances (relationships involved, you being retired, how you have moved ahead in the Ministry aspects, how God is opening peoples hearts to you...) are supernatural!
Pastor told me of one man drives an hour and a half to come to Plant City for Church, having moved from there a few weeks ago. He and his wife were WIPED OUT by the service and he cried himself to sleep Sunday night. He called and told Pastor on Monday, "You have no idea what happened to us. I mean, even our marriage is different and I cannot explain it! Whatever was in my body was like......nothing I ever experienced and didn't know existed!" This same man's sister or sister in law, called and insisted she has to talk with Pastor in person about whatever happened to her that night!

  So, yes, God is surely using your ministry, Kevin. He has and does and will. I have never not seen it! I covet that anointing! I mean that!

MM - GA.

I was at the Beth Ha'Mashiach page, checking in on the discussion board, and for some reason felt the need to follow the link to your page... checking for updates or something. Almost every time I've casually browsed your page I've gone to the "Ministry Needs" section to check in. I feel like the Lord is going to let me donate the $125 for your ink jet printer. I don't even HAVE the cash right now but I know that I will. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to pledge that amount to your ministry. It may come $50 at a time and by the time I've given you the $125 you may already have the printer. You may have it now, for all I know, but I know that I want to pledge that amount. So consider it pledged and I know that God will provide the means for me to get it to you and that you will be able to use it as you minister.  Every time the Lord has allowed me to give to you guys has blessed me... My typical response is never "A hundred dollars, God? Do I have to?" or "How much do I have to give?"... it's always, invariably, "Can I?  Really?  YAY!" Talk about cheerful giving. I've rarely given anything to a ministry where I'm so tickled to do so. The 700 Club and Operation Blessing was a total joy to be a part of but even that didn't elicit the "Can I REALLY? Cool!" response like your ministry does. I hope that God allows me to give more in both amount and frequency as time goes by. Your ministry has touched me in so many ways... I love you guys as people but the anointing that's on the worship you lead has touched me deeply and allowed me into the Holy of Holies often.  You've ruined me for unanointed praise & worship services, Kev!

 In all seriousness, though, there have been times during worship services that I've just been flat on the floor and felt that I was in the very throne room. I've rarely "attained" that experience anywhere else and what it's done is make me hungry for more. Once you know that the intimacy with God is available... once you've tasted the sweetness of such tangible presence... it enables you to seek it on your own. I love the corporate anointing... love worshipping with other believers... other LOVERS... but it also enhances my private worship, as well. I've thanked you before but I want to thank you again for being obedient to God, answering the call on your life, and leading the Bride so sweetly to the Bridegroom.

CB - Buford, GA.

     In a short amount of time, you have become such a dear friend and brother. Through you, the Holy Spirit has brought me to a newer and deeper level of worship, one I thought I'd never reach - and has only made me long for an even closer walk with Him. You inspire me by the honesty and love you have for pure worship, for HIM!

SH - GA.

Hi Kevin,
    I just wanted to let you know that as we always have, Pauline and I will continue to pray for your ministry. You led us in to the throne room many times as I am sure you are doing with these wonderful children of the Father. Lynne must be ecstatic to be able to utilize those wonderful talents of both dance and teaching that she has also.

RB - Mass.

I have been meaning to reply to you about your plans for End Days
Worship Ministries.

   Gloria and I are 100% behind you in prayer and know that God
has a special anointing for you in this venture. You both are so talented,
and God wants to use you in a mighty way! Be blessed in Him!

TS - Thomaston, GA.



I have been meaning to write you all week. The web site is awesome and

I am not sure at the moment how to express the word "Holy excitement" but
it is profoundly moving to see Him reward your obedience.
 The web site got me so excited that He granted me enough favor to
forge another song, melding the Messianic and Modern worship style that is
so prevalent right now.

It's easy to say May God bless you in the endeavors of every open door to
one who seeks His face. I look forward soon to having our paths cross or
merge. Until that time, Shabbat Shalom, and ongoing traveling mercies for
you and the Mrs. in all the commuting !

lhitraot, and shavua tov -

RLE - Atlanta, GA.


Hi Kevin!

   I  know that you are a blessing at your place of worship, but I miss you and want you here with me! Do you remember the tape I made of you at the last practice with me before you left?  We listen to that tape as a family all the time. We remember, and cry as we recall the presence of the Lord, and how thick it was. You are my lifelong friend and my brother whom I love deeply... You and your family never leave My and my family's mind for very long.

DC - Daytona Beach

Dear Brother Kevin:

Great and wonderful! I am glad to see your dreams coming to materialize. You have lot of gifts and Lynn has a gift of dance. They very first time I saw Lynn and you, I thought about God's children in other parts of the world. God almighty, that this joy and gladness be spread around the world. "Do all things for His glory. Not a single one will do God's work without burying selfishness and be selfless and only motive is to serve God's children who are in dire need." Quoted words came to my mind last evening. 

Brother, I am extremely glad for you.

 Bless you brother and may His will be done. Messianic kingdom needs a central unit to support and co-ordinate. Talk about it and work for it.
Love you and Lynn and bless you brother. Web site looks wonderful.

JT Dublin, GA.

Hi Kevin,
MiMi and I are excited for you and Lynn. How many of us go thru our Christian walk and launch out into the deep for God? I am just guessing, but I think that very few of us get to the launching pad even. MiMi and I are committing to supporting your ministry. We will ask that you let us in on ways that we can help. We have added your whole family to our daily prayer list. Trying to live vertical.
The Smiths in Macon

I think that the Lord is saying this to you: (I tremble as I type that, as He is AWESOME!)
Set your sights on the ONE person He puts before you. You have NO IDEA whom you lead into His Presence. Ask Him to reveal to you the total truth of yourself as a vessel, thru whom He flows. Only a vessel. That is all we are called to be, vessels. His Hands and His Feet on earth. In the light of Heaven all this is SO SMALL, SO INSIGNIFICANT! If you lead one, only one, to the place in the Spirit....he or she may be the person who will rock the world! See HE SEES US ONE BY ONE! No, I am not saying that you only will lead one. But, see one. Ask God to help you see one. Just focus on that one. See, the woman with the issue of blood was only one. The Mary with the alabaster box was only one. One person who sees Him can touch and bring forth His Mighty Power. One person who sees Him can bring forth a fragrance which will forever be a memorial before Him. The one who touches Him must first see Him. So, I say, don't focus any longer on groups. Yes, lead the whole Body before you into His Presence. Part the Heavens and Open the way so that whosoever can come to Him.....Ask Him to open the eyes of even one! Let the first one be you. Ask Him to open the eyes of your heart. No peaking thru eyelashes but a wide eyed stare!!!!!! Then ask Him whom to pour out upon. It may be the next world changer for Him!

Rita Mead - Columbus, GA

Peace & Passion.

Lynn's dance is the fire of passion that puts wind under my feet and your music encourages the reign of the Spirit that feeds this glorious passion which yields peace to my Spirit.  I always leave the services with you and Lynn with more passion to serve and a feeling of being enveloped with the beauty of God.  Oh, what a restless yet wonderful peace.  This is my force to tell others about Yeshua.  Thank you, God, for kevin and Lynn.  Bless them and pour out on them more of You, like a cleansing hard rain so that they can continue blessing others with this passion for You that only the Prince Of Peace can give.

Mimi & Woofie Smith - Macon, GA.

Thanks again for coming to lead us in worship last night - it was awesome.  God is so good.  I look forward to ministering with you more and more.  I thank my God for putting us together.  I can't imagine not having you around now that I know you.

   I pray that you will be able to come down and minister to my church at least once a month, maybe more.  I will be in touch about all of that.  I continue this morning getting reports of how blessed my people were to have met you.  God really used you last night.  I love you Kevin and I am thankful for you.  You are the one God loves. 
Be blessed

Pastor Ben Hewitt - Lanette, AL.


Remember where you were over 1 year ago when you were waiting for God's call?
Praise God! He is faithful and is working His good purpose in our lives (Phillipians 2:13). Remain unshakeable my friend, that is our call! (Heb. 12:27-29)

JB -  Orlando, FL.

Kevin, I may not have told you recently, but I am deeply moved in my
spirit so often by your choice of songs for worship and praise, and this
week is a fine example. Songs like 'Name Above All' touch me so deeply.
I am tearing up just thinking about it. If the CBY'ers are only half as touched
this Saturday, then our worship of our Lord this weekend will be rapturous.
It is a sincere pleasure, joy, and honor to sing these wonderful songs with
you , and anyone else the Lord adds to our troupe. May the Holy
Spirit continue to anoint and inspire you richly as we interweave our
musical offerings with yours.

WP -  Macon, GA.

I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and your family. I miss your music.
I think you should stream your music and services so we can worship with you.

KG - Ormond Beach, FL.

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