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4006 (Lord, You're Beautiful)
Abba Father (Springer)

Above All
Adon Ha Kavod
Adonai (Phil Klein)
Adonai (Paul WIlbur)
Adonai Yimloch L'olam Vaed
All Who Are Thirsty
Amazing Love
Ancient Gates
And It Shall Come To Pass
And Ye Shall Know
Artsa Alinu
As the Mountains
Ascribe To The Lord
Ashrei Haíam
Awake Oh Israel 

Awake You Who Sleep

Ba Ya Meem
Baruch Ha Ba
Baruch Ha Shem (Congregation)
Baruch Ha Shem (Flags)
Baruch Ha Shem Adonai
Baruch Ha Shem Hamashiach
Baruch Ha Shem Hamashiach (Presentation)
B'Chol Ma'asai
Be Near
Be Thou My People
Beautiful One
Beautiful Scandalous Night
Before You Now
Behold God Is My Salvation
Better Than
Bless The Lord
Blessed Are You
Blessed Be The Lord God
Blessed Be The Name
Blessed Be Your Name
Blow A Shofar
Blow A Shofar (Presentation)
Bonay Yerushalayim
Bracha V'Kavod
Breath of God
Burn In Me
Burn In Me (Congregation)
But Thou Oh Lord (Psalm 3) 

Can You Feel The Presence
Can You Feel The Presence (Presentation)
Chai HaShem
Celebration Song
Celebration Song (Flag)
Clap Your Hands
Come And Fill This Place
Come Dance With Me
Come Let Us Go Up
Come Let Us Go Up To The Mountain
Come Let Us Go Up To Zion
Come Now Is The Time To Worship
Congregation of the Righteous
Creator of the Universe 

Crowned With Many Crown

Dance And Sing
Dance With Me
Dance With Me Flags
Davidís Song
Days of Elijah
Draw Me Close To You 

Enter His Gates
Exalt The Lord 

4006 (Lord You're Beautiful)
Find Rest
First Fruits
For Your Name Is Holy
For Your Name Is Holy (2 People)
For Your Name Is Holy (Presentation)
Free To Dance 

Gadlu LaShem
Gadlu LaShem (Taylor)
Glory Come Down
Glory To You

God of Wonders

God of Wonders (Congregation)
God of Wonders (Flag)
Grace Like Rain
Grace Like Rain (Congregation)
Great And Wonderful 

Ha Tov Simcha
Had It Not Been The Lord
Hallelu (Lynn)
Hallelujah Glory
Hallelujah Hebrew Medley
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
Hava Nagila
Hava Nashira
Havenu Shalom Alechem
Havenu Shalom Alechem / Jehovah Jireh
He Is Lovely
He Is My Defense
He Shall Reign
Healing Word

H (cont.)
Hear My Cry
Hear O Israel
Heart of Worship
Here I Am To Worship
Higher Than Heaven
Hine Lo Yanum
Hine Lo Yanum (Slow)
Hine Mah Tov
Hine Ma Tov (Texas Style)
Holy And Anointed One
Holy Fire
Holy Ground
Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy L-rd
Holy Is The L-rd (Karen Davis)
Holy Is The Lord (Chris Tomlin)
Holy Is The Lord (Tomlin - Flag)
Holy Is The Name
Holy Is The Name (Congregation)
Holy Love
Holy Of Holies (Take Me In)
Holy Unto You
Hora Agadati
Horse And Rider
Horse & Rider (Presentation)
How He Loves Us
How I Praise You
Hu Yiftach Libeynu (Lori Taylor)
Hu Yiftach Libeynu (Annie Garber) 
Humble King
Humble Thyself

Humble Thyself (Congregation)

I Bend My Knees Again
I Can Only Imagine
I Can't Wait
I Can't Wait (Congregation)
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
I Exalt Thee
I Love The Lord
I Need You More
I See The Lord (Lynn)
I See The Lord (Phyllis)
I Shall Not Be Moved
I Waited
I Want To Worship You
I Will Celebrate
I Will Celebrate/Hine Ma Tov
I Will Lift My Hands
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
I Will Not Forget You
I Will Remember
I Will Remember (Congregation)
I Will Sing
I Will Talk To My Brothers
In The Arms Of My Father
In The Beauty
In The Garden
In The Morning
In The Secret
In Your Arms Of Love
In Your Presence (Congregation)
In Your Presence (Presentation)
IIsaiah 6
It Is Good 

Jew And Gentile 
Jew And Gentile (5 People)

Jew And Gentile #3

Ke Ayal Ta'Arog
Ki Mit Zion

Kumi Ori

Lamb Of God (LD)
Lamb of God (Presentation)
Lamb of God (Underwood)
Lay Your Hands On Me
LíChaim Be Yeshua
L'Chiam Be Yeshua (Presentation)
Lead Me To The Father
Lechu Neranena
Let God Arise
Let My Life Be Like A Love Song
Let The Children Dance
Let The Weight of Your Glory
Let Your Glory Fall
Lo Ahavti Dai
Lo Lanu Hashem
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Lord Of The Harvest
Lord Reign In Me
Lord, You Have My Heart
Lord Youíre Beautiful (4006)