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Beginner Dance Seminar


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The beginner's dance seminar consists of 3 - 2hr. classes to familiarize the new dancer with the philosophy and steps of Davidic dance. This course is intended for those who have NO experience in worshipping the Lord in Davidic dance.

The classes can be scheduled at your convenience and are usually spread out over three weeks to give the students time to practice and digest what was learned at the last class so they can use those skills to learn the material in the next class. These classes are usually taught at your place of worship. The cost of this seminar is $15.00 per person per class with a minimum class size of 4 people. If you cannot get 4 students the cost of the seminar is $60.00 per class. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions regarding this seminar.

Lynn (770) 978-4555

All of the dances taught below are adaptable to the songs that you sing and dance to at your congregation.

bulletDiscussion on the history, Biblical significance and purpose of Davidic dance in worship.
bulletDance Steps
bullet Abbreviations used in dance notes
bulletWarm-up exercises
bulletTeach Dance "Hallelu"
bulletTeach Dance "I Want to Worship You"
bulletTeach Dance "I Exalt Thee"
bulletTeach Dance "The Hora"