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What they're saying about 4006

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Incredible music by an incredible guy.  I love this CD and highly recommend it ("so what" you may be thinking..."who are you anyway?").  Valid point.  I'm just a guy trying to make my way through a very confusing world just like you. Kevin's music helps me with the journey as his music facilitates an attitude of worship and helps keep my focus on the truly important things.  At any rate, just check out the CD for yourself and you'll see. Shalom!
JF Elko, GA


I just got done listening to your CD!  wow!  I can't believe I waited this long to open this baby! Kevin, this is REALLY good. My favorite song is "Special Treasure" and "4006"! what's up w/ the techno-like mix in feels like somebody is waking out of a painful slumber, breaking out of something with bars on it and busting into the air without feet touching...tribal dance of the Kingdom inside one's soul...sound like the color brown looks...I got pictures of the Amazon in my head...go figure...but wait, I've never been to the Amazon...hmmm...but God has! o.k. that settles it!
Anyways, praise God for you, Kevin! This was a Spirit filled project! Hoping to share it with my not yet believing dad at some point:)
MM Lawrenceville, GA

I've listened to your beautifully inspired CD 4006 four times these past two days.  What a spirit of peace and worship it conveys to help me get through the day and night. 
Shalom aleicha, Bro and God bless you for your diligence and obedience to His call on your life.
PR Louisville, KY

The Lord uses Kevin in a very articulate style and flow in Worship. This CD will be a blessing to you!
KC Dublin, GA

I just wanted to say that I loved your CD.  I have listened to it many times already.  There is something different about your CD.  You know how worship is great in person because God's Spirit is there, but that same anointing seems to become lost when the songs come out on CDs.  They become just songs.  Well, that is not true of your CD.  I felt God's presence and I was drawn into worship.  It reminded me of a church conference I went to when the music played in the background of a dorm room.  It was like a sweet presence of God filled that room.  I felt that same presence listening to your CD and it brought peace.  Thank you for your CD Kevin and the passion that you have for worship.
NT Snellville, GA

Your CD is BEAUTIFUL! I could really feel the Praise & AWE of Adonai in your music.  I am very delighted you produced the CD.
Your Sister and Heir to the promises in Yeshua 
ML Acworth, GA

Just had a chance to listen to a clip over your web site. Oh Rabbi Kevin, its amazing!!You remember that song "Yearn" that you played for me any time I asked you to at IHOP and later at my wedding? Boy this CD is on a higher plane. I may repeat my wedding again just so you can play the whole CD for us!! This type of singing from the heart of God makes me to YEARN just for Him. Thanks Kevin for allowing God to use you to drive my heart nearer to Him. JN TN

Kevin, I love the CD, as I knew I would.  It's so worshipful, peaceful, restful.  "Baruch Hashem" is my favorite, too!  I already loved that song; and, when somebody blows on some kind of a wind instrument on this CD, it strongly reminds me of the Ruach Hakodesh - I can almost feel Him!  I feel so blessed that you and Lynn have been a part of my life.  Ahava, DB  Macon, GA

Mazel Tov on 4006...Great heartfelt worship. I am proud of you my brother and fellow psalmist. The Lord is using you to touch many. Keep up the good work! SG  Cartersville, GA

It is beautiful. I know the L-rd will use this CD for His purposes. May HE continue to bless you.
GF Macon, GA

I pray that the Lord uses this to open new doors for the ministry He has called you to bro'. I love worship leaders who understand that it is not about performance but about going to the throne of our King of Sovereign Grace! Thank you brother for your perseverance.
JB  Orlando, FL

Kevin!  Blessings upon you and your family!  Add this to your CD list of comments:  The best we have heard concerning Messianic music and singing. You have always been a great messenger of song for our Lord Yeshua, Kevin, but the sweetness of your voice and your dedication came through to provide comfort and blessing with abundant inspiration to us both. We love you!  R&DM  Conyers, GA

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! what a blessing and who knew you had that voice and talent hidden away. I couldn't imagine such a good product and good quality sound you achieved. I am really proud of you and proud of how true God is to his children. I am still narrowing down my favorite and there are several in the I pray this touches the heart of others as much as it touched mine. ok getting teary eyed and mushy here.  LM Deltona, FL

You know my mom's FAVORITE worship song is My Highest Goal. She was listening and then just burst into tears. In a good way. "It's just such sweet worship" she said. She likes the accapella ending. Me? I've always liked Special Treasure, Searchlight, and Psalm 57. But all of them are FANTASTIC!  
JG Ormond Beach, FL

Kevin, congratulations on your new CD! It sounds awesome. I love "Baruch Ha Shem" May the Lord Bless You!  RB - Conyers, FL

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have received your CD. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your gifting. *hugs* to you and Lynn and the kids... LA Marietta, GA

We all listened to it on the way home and are thrilled with what the Lord has given you to share through music.. You are a blessing to our whole family and have a special place in our hearts!  
LK Lawrenceville, GA


Just listening to your music made me shed tears. I miss your leading us into the Throne Room in a way that I had not experienced in many years. May God bless your wonderful ministry in teaching us how to step into His presence and bask in His glory worshiping Him for the Beautiful One that He is.
AE  Marietta, GA

I feel like I'm "back home" , listening to the heart of a messianic brother whom I share a common bond of worship and praise. It's really hard to put in words, other than I applaud God's reward for your long-standing servanthood. All the songs, especially Baruch ha Shem has an opportunity to be sung in congregations throughout the earth!  I really like the chord progressions in Celebration Song - The harmonies are very nice as well. Psalm 57 is a really nice song, the opening reminds me of a song by Israel Houghton "All That", but has great congregational feel to it. The lyrics as a whole invite both individual congregational worship - very refreshing to listen to songs with a vertical agenda !

I am excited for God's work in you - there's no doubt that he's sustained your voice and songwriting for these end days...where in the Word God says He will be looking for those that worship in spirit and in truth.

Double blessings and Mazel Tov ! 
RE Powder Springs, GA

Nice worship songs! The recording quality sounds good, as does your playing and vocals. I really like "Psalm 57". Nice chord changes. Is that you singing? Your voice sounds great!
DT Charlotte, NC

I'LL SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!   Baruch HaShem is awesome and beautiful, I found myself singing it after I listened to it the other evening!  JH Bethlehem, GA

Dear Kevin,
Its great to hear all that the Lord is doing so far through you. He has only begun and I know more is yet to come. So I keep asking the Father to fill all the listeners of this music with Spiritual Wisdom, the revelation of Jesus, and the knowledge of God, their inner eyes being opened to seeing Him as He is, their inner man being fortified with strength to live for God.
I love and appreciate you so much. JM TN

This is too beautiful.  Baruch HaShem, makes me cry.  SC  Lawrenceville, GA

st listened to a couple of the tracks... this is really nice work, Kevin.  You should be very happy.  Sounds great. 
BH Lawrenceville, GA

Sounds really good! Great Job!  AL  Atlanta. GA



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